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"Inside every clean-shaven man there is a beard screaming to be let out."
- -1973, Psychology Today Magazine

"There's many a man who has more hair than wit"
- - Shakespeare

As noted in Living in Hairy Times, Part II, the artist Winnie Truong's large scale drawings and prints are growing ever more popular in the US and in Canada. Part II of Living in Hairy Times examined Truong’s hair-centric oeuvre, and revealed connections between her created character's hair styles and hair's cultural manifestation throughout history. Her work was also compared to the works of other artists, and parallel works concerning hair from other periods of art. Hair itself was examined in a sociological and sometimes political context. 
This analysis and exploration will continue in Part III of Living in Hairy Times, as Truong's works will form the path that we will take through male facial hair, beards and "bearding", feminist and other art practices through a s…