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Friedrich Petzel
With his booth filled to brimming with what amounts to a Natural History of Purity and Abjection, Herr Petzel gives us a tour through the perfect vehicles and infinitely generated mirror voids. Allan McCollum's obsession is time...the only thing to outlast passion or money.

Leslie Tonokonow Artworks + Projects
Though Tonkonow didn't hew to the party line of featuring a single artist, I was especially attracted to this work by Amy Cutler titled Molar Migration which is very new and in my opinion reinvigorates her trademark psychological narratives, which turn workaday activities and gestures of distraction or irritation into seismic excavations of the collective unconscious.

D'Amelio Gallery Zombified portraits from a body of work dating to 2000, Daniel Hesidence presents a haunting musing on the fascination with looking; we want them to be beautiful as well as grotesque...and so they are.

Tanya Bonakdar
With an artist who cut her teeth at art fairs well be…