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On Saturday, May 21, my girlfriend and I went to The Museum of Modern Art and two galleries, Gering and Lopez and Greenberg Van Doren. Suffice to say that I was thoroughly gratified by my visit to the MoMA, and I didn’t even see a film or sit in the garden! (Yes, of course, the art should be enough)

Though it’s been years since MoMA was rebuilt I am finally getting accustomed to its new structure, how it arranges space, and the habits of people within it. I am getting to like some of it. The lobby is still a mess, more like an indoor parking lot with people instead of cars, but I like the area between the admission gate and the garden. There is a large low couch to one side where you can see people pass to and fro, with a short staircase before the large plate glass windows that look out over the garden. I enjoy sitting there and watching people’s actions and expressions as they are about to leave the museum.

At first, we took the escalators up to the 3rd floor where we saw shows abou…