Art Stomp Tours: Seasonal Museum Walkabouts with David Gibson

Enjoy the cultural wealth and breadth of experience New York City has to offer with local native and art world habitué, curator, and art writer David Gibson. $25 per person. RSVP. Please note tour date and preferred destination. For advance queries visit

Robert Rauschenberg: Among Friends at The Museum of Modern Art, Fridays from 6-9 pm from May 21 to September 17, 2017


⭑FRI 4/28, 5-9 pm: NEW YORK STUDIO RESIDENCY PROGRAM 20 Jay Street #M10: "On the Passage" w/ Anthony White, Arleene Correa Valencia, Brandon De Sha, Cam Bailey, Chris Martin, Emilia Gonzalez, Emily Rives, Feather J. Chiaverini, Hannah Taylor, Hayley Denham, Jen Velazquez, Jillian Hanesworth, Julia Kokernak, Julia Monte, Marguerite Bailey, Natalie St, Ryan Khosla [Last Public Event, Program Closing]

⭑ FRI 4/28, 7-9 pm: SLAG GALLERY 56 Bogart Street: MariePeter-Toltz "Prédatrices”

FRI 4/28, 7-9 pm, FRESH WINDOW 56 Bogart Street: HelmutSmits

FRI 4/28, 6-9 pm, DRESS SHOP GALLERY 322 Troutman Street: Emmanuel Limón

SAT 4/29, 10 AM-7 PM, RED BULL STUDIOS NEW YORK 220 W 18: "ProjectArtPresents: My Kid Could Do That" w/ Cecily Brown, Daniel Arsham, Kalup Linzy, Katherine Bernhardt, Katherine Bradford, Olafur Eliasson, Philip Pearlstein, Rashaad Newsome, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Rob Pruitt, Sanford Biggers, Susan Te Kahurangi King, Terence Koh, Tom Sachs, Urs Fischer, Wendy Whi…


TUE 4/18, 7 PM: THE CENTER FOR FICTION 17 East 47th Street: Family Frictions: Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney + Jami Attenberg
TUE 4/18 7 PM: SPOONBILL BOOKS, 99 Montrose Avenue: Reading + Conversation with Marcus Gilroy-Ware for “Filling the Void: Emotion, Capitalism & Social Media”
WED 4/19, 8 PM: THE POETRY PROJECT 131 East 10th Street: Readings by Rae Armantrout & Tongo Eisen-Martin
THU 4/20, 7 PM: POETS HOUSE 10 River Terrace: Harry Clifton & Alissa Valles: A Reading & Conversation
THU 4/20 CHERYL HAZAN GALLERY 35 N Moore Street: Thomas Sayre, thru May 20, 2017 RSVP
THI 4/20 BITFORMS GALLERY 131 Allen Street: Siebren Versteeg “Reflection Eternal” thru May 28, 2017
✭ THU 4/20, 6-8 PM: HUNTER COLLEGE 205 Hudson Street: "Hunter MFA Thesis Exhibition-Spring 2017-Part I"
THU 4/20, 6-8 PM: GALERIE PROTÉGÉ 197 Ninth Avenue, lower level: Kjeld Tidemand, thru May 18, 2017
THU 4/20, 6-8 PM: BENRUBI GALLERY 521 W 26 floor 2: Massimo Vitali, thru June 17, 2017
✭ THU 4/20, 6-8 P…


★ 04/12 WED (6-9 pm) “We The Watchers Are Also Bodies" curated by Natasha Marie Llorens @ Hercules, 25 Park Place, 3rd Floor, thru May 14, 2017

★ 04/12 WED (7-9pm) LEONARDO DREW Lecture @ Parsons College, 66 5th Avenue
★ 04/13 THU (6-8 pm) J.B. Murray "Visions from the Sun" @ Shrine Gallery, 191 Henry Street, thru May 14, 2017

 04/13 THU (6-9 pm) "Tantamount" curated by Justin De Demko @ Castor Gallery, 254 Broome Street

★ 04/13 THU (6-8 pm) "Exploratory Works: Drawings from the Department of Tropical Research Field Expeditions" curated by Katherine McLeod, Madeline Thompson, Mark Dion @ The Drawing Center, 35 Wooster Street

★ 04/13 THU (6-8 pm) Gabriel Lester "If you happen to be" @ Ryan Lee, 515 West 26th Street

04/13 THU (4-6 pm) "Artists & Art Collectors Social #2" curated by John C Kuchera at Art Collection, 955 West End Avenue & 107th Street

04/13 THU (7:30 pm) "Spring Movement 2017" @ Center For Performance Resea…

REED DANZIGER at McKenzie Fine Art, 55 Orchard Street

Effervescent abstractions that hint at issues of ambiguity: the universe bubbling up from the bottom of an infinite pot, contained and complemented by names that sound like subtitles of post-doctoral dissertations.I enjoyed this exhibition for the pureness of its appearance, and for the malleability of meaning it projected. It brought me back to the time around 2001 when works on paper were just seeing a re-emergence, partially due to the Flat Files at Pierogi 2000 in Williamsburg. The varieties of artistic expression so often used in tandem with paper were also making a comeback, such as drawing, and the minute mark. Back then, especially after 9/11, I thought of abstraction as a means of validating the personal in a era of overwhelming world events.Now I see them again as I once did, and as Danziger specifically impresses me: as mastery of implied meaning wrapped in a palimpsest of talent.


"Inside every clean-shaven man there is a beard screaming to be let out."
- -1973, Psychology Today Magazine

"There's many a man who has more hair than wit"
- - Shakespeare

As noted in Living in Hairy Times, Part II, the artist Winnie Truong's large scale drawings and prints are growing ever more popular in the US and in Canada. Part II of Living in Hairy Times examined Truong’s hair-centric oeuvre, and revealed connections between her created character's hair styles and hair's cultural manifestation throughout history. Her work was also compared to the works of other artists, and parallel works concerning hair from other periods of art. Hair itself was examined in a sociological and sometimes political context. 
This analysis and exploration will continue in Part III of Living in Hairy Times, as Truong's works will form the path that we will take through male facial hair, beards and "bearding", feminist and other art practices through a s…

Muse Fuse with Manish Vora of Artlog

Vora is not the average speaker in this series in that he runs an organization that promotes, curates, hosts events, and fosters connections between different art world entities and brings non-art world people together with them. 
He's talking here about the benefits of promotion from his own perspective and for the individual artist. He's speaking about online and also offline events. 
He's speaking but not pontificating. He's got his opinions and is obviously smart and very 'tapped in' but he's leading a discussion. 
Everybody gets to speak. Statements are leading to responses from other audience members.
His main point is how to 'add value' to art related events.